Enhanced CBDA Absorption for Greater Health Benefits

Enhanced CBDA Absorption for Greater Health Benefits

  • On 2022-06-07

CBDA CBD absorption and

CBDA Absorption, Superior Bioavailability


Of all the different cannabinoid compounds, CBDA has one of the highest absorption properties of them all. CBDA has higher absorption than CBD or THC, and thus, you need to take less of it to reach the same blood concentration.

For example, 50mg of CBDA taken orally, will yield about the same blood concentration as 250mg of CBD.


Table of Contents

  • Why is absorption important?
  • What are the benefits of CBDA with higher absorption?
  • Why does CBDA have enhanced absorption?
  • Why is Natural Spectrum CBDA important?


Why is absorption important?

For CBDA or CBD to exert its benefits, it needs to get into the blood stream, if it has low absorption, you will need to take a larger amount to get a beneficial effect.

In many clinical trials testing the benefits of CBD, researchers and clinicians often use very high doses. For example, in epileptic patients, the doses can range from 1000mg to 2000mg per day to get significant control over their seizures.


What are the benefits of CBDA with higher absorption?

Since you need to take less CBDA than CBD to reach similar blood concentrations, this will save you money. A 1000mg bottle of CBD may cost $60, but it only has 4 doses if you take 250mg per day to reach a benefit. A 1000mg bottle of CBDA that costs $60 will have 20 doses of 50mg that yield the same blood concentrations!

CBDA and Weight Loss

Researchers have published a study on the effects of CBDA and obesity in mice showing it can improve weight loss and lipid profiles. Mice were fed a high caloric diet increased in weight, fat percent, and had poor glycemic control. Daily injections of CBDA were found to decrease the overeating, and improved glycemic parameters, indicating that CBDA cause weight loss, decreased fat and reduced the appetite of the mice.

CBDA and Metabolism

Researchers published that CBDA improves metabolism through the expression of PPAR (peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor) associated genes. Multiple genes involved in adipocyte function (fat cells), such as adipocyte differentiation-related protein, were activated by incubation with CBDA.

CBDA and Inflammation

Inflammation is a necessary reaction by your body to prevent infection, but when left unchecked, can cause long-term damage to the cardiovascular system, brain, and many other organs. Anti-inflammatory properties of CBDA have been investigated, and reports are finding that CBDA can decrease a critical pro-inflammatory enzyme, COX-2. This enzyme, COX-2 is a common target for prescription and over the counter drugs, such as NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) like Ibuprofen.


Why does CBDA have enhanced absorption?

CBDA has higher absorption than CBD1,  because it has different absorption properties due to the carboxyl group in the CBDA. Why is this important? If a compound has amazing medicinal benefits, but is not absorbed well by the body, then you will need to take significant amounts of the compound to get the benefit. Did you know that epileptic patients who take CBD to control seizures take over 2000mg of CBD per day2? This is due in part to the absorption properties of CBD.

Average concentration of CBD and CBDA in blood after ingestion of equivalent amount1


What is Bioavailability?

The human body can absorb compounds through many routes, such as sublingual (under the tongue), topical (through the skin), intranasal (through the nose), and oral ingestion (eating/drinking). Depending on the molecular structure and route of administration, the body may absorb more or less of the molecule of interest. The absorption by the body is measured by taking a multiple samples of blood after administration of the compound or nutrient, and analyzing the concentration of the compound over time. The amount in the blood compared the amount of the compound administered is referred to as the Bioavailability, the higher this number, the better the compound gets into the body and can exert its medicinal effects.

Absorption of CBDA and CBD in heated and unheated hemp oil

As we have mentioned before, CBDA is the natural cannabinoid found in the hemp plant, and forms CBD only after exposure to high heat, typically seen in conventional purification processes. Natural Dos does not use heat during its purification process, allowing us to produce a Natural Spectrum Oil that contains, maintaining the high bioavailable cannabinoids. In a recent study out of Basel, Switzerland, researchers found that not heating Hemp Oil, and leaving CBDA in the mixture, increased the blood levels of CBD ~4-fold3.  This surprised us, why would CBD blood levels also be increased in high CBDA mixtures compared to CBD only formulations? Currently, we think CBDA is being converted to CBD once it is absorbed by the body through as yet unknown mechanisms. However, this means you can get grater benefits of both CBDA and CBD by just taking high amounts of CBDA formulations!

CBD levels are higher in the blood after ingestion of hemp oil with CBDA compared to hemp oil without CBDA3

Why is Natural Spectrum CBDA important?

There is a significant body of research and user reports that having all the cannabinoids in a product has significantly better results. This has been termed the “entourage effect”.

A recent publication out of Australia has found that this is the case for CBDA. When an extract that contains CBDA and other cannabinoids is compared to CBDA alone, the absorption of the CBDA into the blood stream is around 14-times higher than CBDA taken by itself.

This study implies that CBDA may be 1 to 2 orders of magnitude (10 times to 100 times) better absorbed by the body than CBD.

Absorption of CBDA is much higher when taking a full spectrum mixture, so maximize your benefit by taking Natural Spectrum CBDA.


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Team Dos


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