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CBDA Gummies – with Natural Spectrum CBDA

CBDA Gummies – with Natural Spectrum CBDA

  • On October 25, 2022

CBDA Gummies - tastefully relaxing

Tropical Flavored – Natural Spectrum CBDA Gummies

If you’ve woken up in the morning and your brain is already worrying about everything that needs to be done that day, you may have morning anxiety. Excessive stress and worry throughout the day drain our energy levels, can lead to social anxiety and isolation, and ability to fall asleep at night. With all the curve balls life throws at you, having a little help with stress and anxiety may be just what you need.


CBDA gummies & delta 8

Delicious, tropical flavored, Vegan Natural Spectrum CBDA Gummies come packed with three amazing flavors, wild cherry, sour strawberry, and pineapple. At only 15 calories per gummy, eating a couple makes self-care easy.

There are many different products claiming to help with stress and anxiety, with hemp derived CBD and CBDA oil being one of the best reported supplements by the community. It can be overwhelming to find the best product for stress and anxiety, so we made it easy, introducing All New Natural Spectrum Vegan CBDA Gummies.


What is your anti-stress routine?

Don’t start the day off with stress and anxiety, or come home worrying about what someone said, relax and enjoy the great taste and calming effects of CBDA gummy.


What makes Natural Dos CBDA Gummies Unique?

With all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant in our Natural Spectrum CBDA oil, the CBDA absorption is double than if we used a CBDA isolate.


What is Natural Spectrum CBDA oil?

The hemp plant contains many different acidic cannabinoids, and when taken together, enhance the beneficial effects beyond taking a cannabinoid isolate. This has been termed the “entourage effect”, and with CBDA, CBGA, CBCA, and THCA among others all in our gummies, it packs a significant punch to handle even the most stressful situations.


CBDA gummies - tropical flavorsInfused with CBDA

Our gummies are infused with the Natural Spectrum CBDA oil, meaning that we have enhanced consistency between every gummy and batch. Additionally, having coconut oil in our CBDA gummies increases the absorption even further.


Not coated in CBDA

Often, gummies are not infused with their CBD or CBDA oil, and instead the cannabinoids are sprayed on the gummy, which saves time and money. However, this compromises the consistency and quality of the gummies. At Natural Dos, we do not use this technique, and prefer the infused process.


Which CBDA gummies work best for me?

Natural Dos CBDA gummies come in two kinds, 30mg CBDA and 15mg CBDA & 15mg delta 8.

If you looking to relax after work with your partner, enjoy a Netflix binge, or even take on the kids in the afternoon, a CBDA & delta8 gummy might be right for you.

If you looking to tackle the morning and afternoon work stress, a 30mg CBDA gummy is right for you.


How to take your Natural Spectrum CBDA gummy

To get the maximum effect and benefit from your CBDA gummy, wait until you are on an empty stomach before enjoying. Recent studies have found that your body doubles the CBDA absorption when take without food!


  • For the 30mg CBDA gummy (900mg total), we recommend starting with 1. If taking for sleep, use one hour before bedtime.
  • For the 15mg CBDA &15mg delta 8 gummy (900mg total), if you have not taken delta 8 before, we recommend taking half a gummy and dose from there. Take 1 hour before bedtime if using for sleep.
  • Everyone has a slightly different body, and depending on their personal biochemistry, may need different doses to get the benefit they are looking for. You will need to test out different doses yourself to see what works best for you!


Ingredients of Vegan CBDA gummies

Organic Tapioca Syrup, Cane Sugar, Pectin, Citric Acid, Natural Spectrum CBDA, Natural Flavors, Natural Colors, Sodium Citrate, Coconut Oil.


Ready to try Natural Dos CBDA Gummies?

We love our gummies and they have quickly become a customer favorite. Start your daily stress free routine now with Natural Dos.

Team Dos

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