Raw CBDA Oil

Raw CBDA Oil

  • On 2022-12-18

Raw CBDA oil

Raw CBDA Oil

What are raw CBDA oil products?

Are CBDA oil products better than CBD oil products?

Am I missing out on a better hemp plant product that does not have CBDA?


New Research into the benefits and bioavailability of CBDA oil finds that you need it to get the maximum results from the hemp plant.



  • CBDA oil is the natural form of CBD found in hemp flower before conventional processing.
  • Raw CBDA oil products are often extracted from a press only, and contain all the acidic precursor cannabinoids.
  • The technology to purify full spectrum CBDA oil from hemp extract is now on the market.
  • CBDA has amazing beneficial properties, such as higher bioavailability and anti inflammatory targets, that are not found in CBD oil products.


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What is raw CBDA oil?

Hemp plants contain most of their over 100 cannabinoids in the flower, and how this flower is processed from the field to the final oil determines the amount of acidic cannabinoids that are recovered. The natural cannabinoids in the cannabis plant can be destroyed by exposure to heat, which is typically found during the flower drying process or during the extraction and purification process.

When the flower is properly harvested, it is usually dried from 50% down to 10% moisture levels before storage and processing. However, there are a couple different kinds of oil that can be made before or after the drying step:

Live rosin CBDA oil

live rosin oils are extracts from the hemp flower that are performed at the time of harvest, or the hemp flower is flash frozen for long term storage. Assuming they process the hemp flower without heat, a live rosin oil is made and can have higher levels of terpenes than what is normally found. Sometimes the live rosin oil will only have CBD if it is CO2 extracted, so check the CoA (certificate of analysis) to make sure there is CBDA present.

Raw CBDA Oil

There is no clear definition of raw CBDA oil (cannabidiolic acid), but typically these are derived from an extraction process that contains all the acidic cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp flower. Raw CBDA oil, also called raw hemp oil, can be from a press extraction process, where the flower is ground, placed in a filter, and pressed between two hot plates.

If done right, the resulting oil should have only low to moderate levels of decarboxylation, the process that converts CBDA to CBD when exposed to heat. It it important to check the CoA to make sure you are getting the stated amount of CBDA, and not a decarboxylated form.

Natural Spectrum CBDA Oil

The technology for purification of full spectrum CBDA oil that contains all the acidic cannabinoids was just completed by Natural Dos. This new acidic cannabinoid oil, with high amounts of CBDA, along with CBGA, CBCA, THCA, THCVA, and many others is the first of its kind.

Check out our raw CBDA products that have all the acidic cannabinoids!

Raw CBDA Oil for relaxation

Benefits of CBDA oils

Full spectrum hemp extract was the gold standard in the CBD industry, now that researchers have started comparing CBDA to CBD, there is considerable interest in the natural acidic forms.

The potential health benefits of CBDA, and its multifaceted properties, from boosting the endocannbinoid system to improving mood and energy, are now widely discussed in the research community.

Enhanced absorption of CBDA

CBDA is absorbed over 1000% more than CBD. This is not the only study to show that CBDA has much greater absorption, which is critical to the medicinal benefits of any compound.

Most of the clinical studies assessing the benefits of CBD oil use much higher amounts of CBD than what is typically sold. These can range from the low to high 100mgs per day, making it difficult to get a reasonable therapeutic amount. Thus, CBDA oil offers a substantial benefit to consumers who only want to take a much smaller dose and still get amazing results.

Anti inflammatory properties

New studied have found that CBDA oils can inhibit the pro inflammatory enzyme COX 2 (cyclooxygenase 2). Not only can CBDA inhibit activity, maybe more importantly it is now shown to inhibit production of the enzyme in a breast cancer cell line model.

COX 2 is an important target to inhibit for inflammation, since it is also a target of aspirin and ibuprofen. The COX class of enzymes are one of the most common drug targets for limiting inflammation and pain.

Anxiety and stress relief

Many of our customers report significant improvement with their anxiety and stress after taking our CBDA rich products. The mood effects of CBDA oil may come from its effects of the serotonin receptor 5HT1A.

The 5HT1A serotonin receptors are a classic target for SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors), and CBDA has been shown to activate these in multiple animal models of anxiety.


Find the best CBDA oil products

Natural Dos gets the highest purity hemp extracts and converts them into high quality CBDA oil for all our products. Look no farther than our transparent CoAs for every product we sell.

  • No residual solvents
  • No heavy metals
  • No pesticides
  • No microbials

All of Natural Dos’s high quality raw CBDA oils are produced in house, and used for our raw CBDA products.

The best CBDA oils all start with the best extraction and purification process.

Certified organic

The current USA regulations state that you cannot use pesticides for growing hemp. This means that although a farmer may not have organic certification, they cannot use pesticides.

However, hemp can be grown in fields that had pesticide use before, and the hemp plants are known to soak up the residual contaminants. Thus, it is important to check the CoA of the raw oil for any pesticide residuals.

Respected CBD brands

Almost all respected CBD brands started by producing full spectrum CBD oil, raw CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD capsules, or CBD isolate. Since conventional processing from any hemp source involved decarboxylation of CBDA to CBD, all the CBD products contained no trace of acidic cannabinoids.

Most of the CBD brands do not produce their own CBD oil, and rely on third party tested brands termed white labeling.

Regular CBD is the most common form of hemp products, and most of the brands do not carry CBDA due to CBDA products cost. The processing technology to scale the CBDA oil production without converting to CBD oil was a main limiting factor.


Natural Dos CBDA products

Start your relaxation today!

Natural Dos purifies its own CBDA oil in house, which allows us to maintain the high quality of our primary ingredients. All the cannabis plants that are used are stringently tested for contaminants by certified third party testing laboratories.

Making our own CBDA oil in house allows you to create the most potent mixture of final product tinctures, using organic fractionated coconut oil.

CBDA Tinctures

Raw CBDA oil tincturesGet all the benefits with the highest quality Natural Spectrum CBDA Oil tinctures.

Ingredients: All our CBDA oil tinctures are made with organic coconut oil, Natural Spectrum CBDA oil, and natural flavor.


CBDA Gummies

Raw CBDA oil gummiesEnjoy the relaxing and fruity taste of Tropical Vegan CBDA gummies. Comes with or without delta 8!

Ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, Natural Spectrum CBDA, natural flavors, natural colors, sodium citrate, coconut oil


CBDA Breath Mints

Raw CBDA oil breath mintsStart relaxing with great breath on the go with our CBDA breath mints! Enjoy with CBDA along or add delta 8 for extra effects.

Ingredients: Organic powdered sugar, organic gum arabic, organic gelatin, Natural Spectrum CBDA, natural peppermint extract





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