If you are familiar with full spectrum CBD, you know that it contains CBD and other minor cannabinoids from the hemp plant like CBG, CBC, CBDV, and some THC. These are all decarboxylated forms of their original acidic profile. The amounts of types of other minor cannabinoids will depend on the hemp strain that was extracted from.

Natural Spectrum CBDA is new, and because of the novel purification processes developed by Natural Dos, it contains all the acidic minor cannabinoid as well. This can be different from other full spectrum CBDA products since they typically dont contain many of the acidic minor cannabinoids.

So what should you expect in our Natural Spectrum CBDA products? Our products will typically contain a mixture of the following depending on the batch:

  • CBDA and some CBD
  • CBGA and some CBG
  • CBCA and some CBG
  • THCA and some THC
  • THCVA and some THCV
  • CBDVA and some CBDV

Check out our Certificate of Analysis page to see what our products contain.