Because everyone has different biochemistry, how much and when to take CBDA can differ between people.

We typically recommend starting with a smaller dose, such as 20mg to 40mg for a couple days and see how you feel. We have many customers who take 100mg to 200mg per day as well. You can always move up later depending on how your body responds.

  • If you are taking for sleep, CBDA oil should be consumed 1 to 2 hours prior to bed
  • If you care taking for stress and anxiety, we recommend taking in the morning, and then again in the afternoon if necessary
  • For joint discomfort, people often take in the morning and in the afternoon, or before a workout or exercise

While CBDA can provide rapid relief, its also important to remember that maximum benefits are often obtained after taking for a week or two to build up in your system. Consistency is key for getting the most CBDA benefits from your product.