My life is extremely stressful and id get high blood pressure like (180/80) when I’d go to my doctors appt UNTIL I started taking CBDA for stress. It took 2 weeks for me to see a positive difference in the way I react to my stressors, im no longer a pent up wife lol. My body seems to know when I’m ready to blow but my mind is saying “Oh well.” What a wonderful feeling!

Stacy L.

This CBDA oil to produces an energizing yet calming effect. The taste has a spicy edge that attests to its strength and ingredient quality. Highly recommend.

Zach D.

East Tennessee where I live is one if the worst places for spring allergies. My neighbor Paul shared some of the CBDA he was making with me and I started taking it everyday. It helped to greatly reduce the effects I experience from springtime allergies and boosted my overall immunity to them.

Peter S.

Natural Dos recently guided me through a particularly vulnerable state of respiratory health. I’m happier and healthier today because of it!

Julian W.

I blended the CBDA oil with shea butter to apply topically when I was having very intense shoulder and back pain. It seemed to work well and my pain was quite relieved. I have also tried it blended into club soda for internal effects; it was nice and relaxing, as well as a pleasing spritzer. Very good quality CBDA oil. Others I have tried had unnoticeable effects.

Eleanor D.

The CBDA I received from Natural Dos has been a lifesaver. I take a few drops nightly and fall easily into a deep sleep that lasts throughout the night. Not only has my insomnia disappeared, my overall mental health has significantly improved! I highly recommend this product for anyone needing support with sleep or day to day anxiety! I will be a lifetime purchaser!

Rebecca M.