CBDA Basics – What to Know

These articles discuss the basics of CBDA oil, other acidic cannabinoids, and what you may want to know about cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Since CBDA is relatively new, what is CBDA is a common question we get.

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBDA is termed an “acidic cannabinoid”, which are the original cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, a subspecies of cannabis sativa. All cannabinoids currently on the market are derived from their acidic form, for example CBD comes from CBDA after exposure to heat during processing. Thus, you don’t actually find CBD in any real amount in the hemp flower itself, its mostly CBDA.

Recent research has discovered many new and potent benefits of CBDA oil, such as superior absorption and roles in inflammation and mental wellness.

What is CBDA Good For

What is CBDA Good For: Unlocking the Healing Potential I’m super pumped to chat with you about this amazing cannabinoid called cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) and how it can boost your health and wellbeing in general. You know how cannabis sativa and its cannabinoid compounds have been raging the wellness industry lately? Cannabidiolic acid is one…

is cbda more effective than cbd

Is CBDA More Effective than CBD

Is CBDA More Effective than CBD? Exploring the Differences and Similarities It’s pretty amazing how hemp-derived products are taking off these days in a good and positive way. People are getting more and more curious about the different chemical compounds found in cannabis plants and for great reason! Research and studies continue to emerge revealing…

cbda pills

cbda pills

CBDA Pills: Benefits and Health New discoveries have found that the natural hemp cannabinoid, CBDA, may be the most potent compound in the hemp flower. With superior absorption to CBD, many consumers are finding significant health benefits, from stress and anxiety to joint pains and inflammation. Suppose you’ve heard all about cannabinoids, which are richly…

organic cbda

organic cbda

Organic CBDA: The Future of Holistic Health? Cannbidiolic acid (CBDA) is among the many beneficial compounds found in a cannabis plant. It is abundantly found in the bud of a live hemp plant. But is there a difference between organic CBDA and non-organic CBDA products? Interestingly, the USDA has specific laws banning the use of…

cbda capsules

cbda capsules

CBDA Capsules: Maximizing Health Benefits for Natural Wellness Wondering what the best way to maximize the benefits from the hemp plant? It turns out that maintaining the original cannabinoid profile may offer the most benefit out of all the formulations. Natural wellness is a wonderful goal to strive for, but most of the time it…

CBDA supplement

cbda supplement

The CBDA Supplement: Discovering the Benefits of the Original Cannabinoid Why is the CBDA supplement field becoming more popular than CBD? Superior absorption leading to high bioavailability is driving high end results. Natural supplements have been the go-to of many health enthusiasts looking for an alternative route for help with sleep, anxiety, and chronic pain.…

how cbda makes you feel

how does cbda make you feel

Uncovering the Surprising Benefits of CBDA: How Does CBDA Make You Feel? Relaxed, calm, finding relief in the morning and night. The original hemp cannabinoid that revolutionizing how hemp is used. Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA), a still overlooked bioactive compound, is steadily becoming more and more popular as the days go by. This is mainly due…

CBDA for womens health

cbda for women’s health

CBDA for Women’s Health: Empowering Modern-Day Woman In today’s world, women are juggling more responsibilities than ever before. Women need to juggle their careers, families, and personal lives. Sometimes, it can feel like there’s not enough time in the day for everything that needs to get done. This can affect women’s overall health and wellbeing.…