Refreshing CBDA Breath Mints – 500mg

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Full Spectrum CBDA Breath Mints

Refreshing & Relaxing CBDA breath mints: 500mg total.

  • Over 500% more bioavailable than CBD
  • Amazing breath
  • A Natural Spectrum Product
  • 20mg of CBDA in each piece.
  • 25 pieces in each tin

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Full Spectrum CBDA Breath Mints


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All of Natural Dos CBDA oil products come with a 100 day money back guarantee.

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CBDA oil product guarantee


All our products are from USA grown hemp plants, made with all natural ingredients, and third party lab tested. 


Experience the Best CBDA Breath Mints yourself


Full Spectrum CBDA oil with all the other minor cannabinoids


25 CBDA breath mints for all your outings


CBDA for stress and anxiety relief


Natural extract for delicious flavor



Unlock the Benefits of Natural Dos CBDA Gummies

cbda breath mint

CBDA for Stress and Anxiety, Break the Cycle

CBDA oil benefits works best when it is taken daily as part of your anti stress and anxiety routine. Natural Spectrum CBDA enhances the already superior absorption of CBDA, leading to higher bioavailability and therapeutic benefits.

CBDA oil benefits

What is Natural Spectrum CBDA?

CBDA oil benefits works best when it is combined with all the cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Our proprietary Natural Spectrum CBDA oil contains all the original acidic cannabinoids in their natural form.

Why is this important?

Natural Spectrum CBDA enhances the already superior absorption of CBDA, leading to higher bioavailability and therapeutic benefits, helping with. While CBDA alone is more potent than CBD, when combined with other cannabinoids, it leads to greater synergy, the entourage effect, and further boosts the endocannabinoid system balance.

Stressful living leads to imbalance in our body, especially in the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The ECS is critical to many of the body’s functions, such as

  1. Your mood
  2. The immune system and inflammation in joint discomfort
  3. Quality sleep

This is why boosting your ECS can have so many therapeutic benefits.

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Customer Reviews

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Enjoyed on the road

Used when I have to do longer drives for work, just take 1 or 2 and listened to my podcast. Showed up relaxed and not high for my meetings so very nice.


Strong flavor, but really got me in the right mood

Katie Reily

These mints take the edge off. I took them backpacking in the Rockies last summer where I had to cross a fast moving river to get to our campsite. It was scary because my small weight seemed little match for the current. In reality, the current was mild but in my mind, I saw it as a big problem. When it came time to go back, I took a mint and couldn't believe how much easier I found the same water at the same crossing. .I was completely present and thoughtful in crossing back, but the inordinate fear was gone. Since then, I'll take a mint when I have to fly or go to the dentist, two other situations where fear can get the better of me.