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Can CBDA and CBD help with Anxiety relief?

Can CBDA and CBD help with Anxiety relief?

  • On June 26, 2022



How To Use CBDA And CBD For Help With Anxiety

Many people have turned to cannabinoids, including CBDA and CBD for anxiety relief. Everyone experiences anxiety, and with symptoms ranging from heart palpitations, shortness of breath, excess sweating and trembling, we can see why people are searching for relief. Often times we can see anxiety rise when work deadlines approach, public speaking is required, or when our finances and relationships become stressful. This can lead to poor decision making and sleepless nights, which is why so many people are exploring hemp derived products to help reduce stress and anxiety.


How to get the best CBD and CBDA for Anxiety


There are many ways that CBDA and CBD are administered, such as tinctures, edibles, transdermal, and vaporizers being the most popular. For immediate relief, vaporizers are the best approach since they are absorbed rapidly (5-10 minutes), but also may not have some negative health complications due to the additional ingredients and temperature of the smoke. Tinctures and edibles provide a consistent release, and are absorbed within 10-30 minutes of ingestion.


Delivery Absorption Rate Health Rating Potential for Contaminants
Tinctures Modest Good Low
Edibles Modest Good Low
Transdermal Modest Good Medium
Vaporizers Rapid Poor High

General outline of different delivery mechanisms for CBDA and CBD. Contaminants will depend on the quality of the manufacturer as well. Check for a CoA of the CBDA/CBD product before buying. See our guide on how to interpret a CoA.


Searching for the best product starts with the certificate of analysis (CoA) from a third-party laboratory. The company you buy from should show what is in their product, and also, what contaminants are not in their product. For more information see our blog post on how to do this yourself.

To find the best CBDA suppliers check out our guide and industry report on some of the top suppliers.


NaturalDos specializes in CBDA Natural Spectrum products that contain all the original cannabinoids found in the hemp flower. Not only is CBDA absorbed better than CBD, but CBDA also increases CBD blood levels greater than taking CBD alone, making the combination of the two a superior product!


What does the research say abut CBD and CBDA for anxiety?


There are a number of studies assessing CBD and CBDA and its potential benefits for anxiety relief. In a follow-up study of 250 patients, CBD was found to significantly improve anxiety/depression over a 1-year timeframe (p=0.02)1. This study in Colorado with 41 patients found that CBD administration of 25mg per day reduced anxiety in 78% of participants over 3 months of study2.


CBD is being tested in many areas where anxiety can have significant effects on a patient’s social life. For example, this study looked at the effects of CBD on patients with generalized social anxiety disorder under conditions of simulated stress from public speaking. Administration of CBD (600mg) prior to simulated public speaking decreased anxiety and improved cognitive impairment in those individuals with social anxiety disorder3.


CBDA has seen fewer studies than CBD to date since the technical abilities to purify it from the hemp plant has only recently been employed at scale in the wider industry. However, there are a number of pre-clinical research manuscripts that show substantial benefit in reducing anxiety scores4,5. Often the research catches up to the observations seen in the field.


CBD and CBDA dosage for anxiety

Before taking CBD and figuring out a dosage, talk to your doctor. CBD is known to have some drug-drug interactions so its important to know if this is something to consider.

Every person has slightly different biology, so individuals should will need to try a range of doses to see what works best for them. Based on the published literature, a good place to start is 50mg of CBDA or 50mg of CBD daily and dose up or down from there depending on your personal response.

Prior studies have used much higher doses and seen significant improvements:

  • A 2011 study found that 600mg helped patients with Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)
  • Public speaking is known to cause anxiety in many people, and this 2019 study found 300mg improved anxiety in study participants.

If you have liver complications, it is especially important to talk with your physician before trying CBDA or CBD.


Potential risks and side effects of CBDA and CBD

CBD is a prescribed drug for epilepsy patients and therefore has been widely tested for side effects. This study published in 2011 suggests that up to 1500mg per day is safe for healthy people. For CBDA there are much fewer studies assessing potential side effects, so it is recommended to talk with your physician if you plan on taking higher amounts.

Patients have reported some side effects of CBD such as:

  • Drowsiness
  • Altered appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Changes in weight



Hemp derived cannabinoids, like many nutraceuticals, are still under researched, but there is a growing body of evidence supporting their health benefits for anxiety related symptoms.

Currently, the FDA has only supported CBD for the use of refractory epilepsy under supervision of a physician.

If you are currently taking medication or have liver complications it is important that you consult your physician before using CBD or CBDA.

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