Tinctures for Anxiety

Tinctures for Anxiety

  • On 2022-12-05

tinctures for anxiety

Tinctures for Anxiety

Are you looking for a natural alternative for helping manage your anxiety and depression?

Are you on of those people with a high strung nervous system that causes anxiety and stress?

What are acidic cannabinoids (CBDA) and why are they natures superior form?


Natural Dos has unlocked the potent therapeutic effects of Hemp CBDA Oil, the all natural cannabinoid that is isolated with our proprietary technology with the best quality CBDA oil on the market.


Article Highlights

  • Natural hemp products are widely used for anxiety.
  • CBDA is a much more potent form of CBD and has additional health benefits.
  • Natural Spectrum CBDA oil products are ideal since they have all the cannabinoids that creates synergies together.
  • CBDA has potent calming properties through its enhanced absorption.




How to choose the best CBDA Hemp Oil tinctures for anxiety

The cannabis plant family has long been used for its benefits to help with mood, stress response, and generalized anxiety and depression. However, until recently, only CBD and THC have been available in the market because isolation of the natural acidic cannabinoids found in hemp plants has not been developed.

Now you can experience the potency of a Natural Spectrum CBDA Oil product.

Natural Dos concentrated 1000mg bottles come in 10mL size for easy on-the-go people who need to bring their relaxation with them.

All our products are third party tested by an ISO 17025 accredited laboratory.

Natural Spectrum CBD Mint tincture, 1000mg

tinctures for anxiety mint cbda


Made with our proprietary Natural Spectrum CBDA oil that contains a blend all the acidic cannabinoids, natural peppermint extract and organic coconut MCT oil. Enjoy the refreshing mint taste and relaxation today.




Natural Spectrum CBD Orange Zest tincture, 1000mg

tinctures for anxiety orange cbda


Our Orange Zest tinctures are made with Natural Spectrum CBDA oil containing a blend of all the acidic cannabinoids, natural orange extract, and organic coconut MCT oil. Get the relief you need with a great orange tasting tincture.




Natural Spectrum CBD Raw tincture, 1000mg

tinctures for anxiety raw unflavored


This tincture comes with only Natural Spectrum CBDA oil and organic coconut MCT oil. It has all the acidic cannabinoids, and is for the purists only! We recommend mixing with your favorite drinks, or place under the tongue for the bold. Warning, STRONG flavor enjoyers only!




Why is CBDA the best choice

Many herbs and herbal tincture products have great ingredients and if sourced from a reliable place, can have good effects. Plants have been used by humans for thousands of years for improved health, and can be used as a treatment for many symptoms.

Cannabidiolic acid (CBDA) is the primary natural cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. All cannabinoids in their natural state are “acidic cannabinoids”, and turn into their decarboxylated form, such as CBDA to CBD, when exposed to heat during manufacturing. However, you lose the some their medicinal properties when this happens

CBDA has over 450-1000% better absorption than CBD making it a highly bioavaible compound. This is important since a medication cannot exert it effects if it does not get into the blood well.

What is CBDA?

CBDA and other acidic cannabinoids are the naturally occurring compounds found in hemp flowers. While the whole plant may contain cannabinoids in other areas, such as stem, root, and leaves, the flower is where the primary production takes place.

When cannabis tinctures were traditionally made as medicine, they were often extracted in tea form, or with alcohol. However, the modern conventional process uses a lot of heat which destroys the acidic cannabinoid, leading to production of CBD, CBG or THC from CBDA, CBGA, and THCA.


Does CBDA help with anxiety?

tinctures for anxiety how cbda helps

The endocannabinoid system is found to help regulate many physiological functions, and one of them is mood. There are many different types of cell receptors associated with the endocannabinoid system, such as CB2 and CB2 (cannabinoid receptors 1 and 2). These receptors are important in regulating mood, and are targets of many cannabinoids such as CBDA.

CBDA is also a potent agonist (activator) of the 5HT1A endocannabinoid receptor, which control serotonin. The 5HT1A is a well known target for the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) class of drugs as a treatment for anxiety and depression.

Preclinical studies have found that CBDA can decrease anxiety in multiple animal models. This was shown to be acting through the 5HT1A receptor since addition of a blocker prevented the beneficial effects of CBDA. The intervention with CBDA appear to have calming effects on the animals, and a similar response has been reported by consumers.

Another pre clinical study found that a CBDA derivative, HU-580, had beneficial effects in a model of depression like behaviors. While this study was performed on rats, these early stage pre clinical evaluations are necessary for establishing proof of principle medications that may be approved for later treatment.

CBDA is not psychoactive and will not get you high.

However, THC causes paranoia and anxiety in some people at higher doses, so make sure you are under 10mg if new to the space.

While no CBDA compound has been approved for clinical treatment of anxiety and depression by the FDA, there is considerable research assessing its potential medicinal benefits for sleep, stress response, anxiety, and interaction with the nervous system.


How to take CBDA

Every body has a different biochemistry in their nervous system, and finding the right dose to calm anxiety takes some trial and error. Natural Dos 1000mg tincture bottles contain enough doses for you to try out for a month, depending on what amount works for you.

We recommend starting with a 25mg dose, or 0.25mL as seen on the dropper in the bottle. It can take a few different dosage tests to determine the best amount. The recommended dose is 50mg so if you need significant relaxation, that may be a good place to start.

To get the maximum health benefit, follow the dose guide below.

Proper dose use

Place the drops of tincture under the tongue (sublingual) for at least 1 minute. The blood vessels under the tongue are very good at absorption, so the longer the CBDA tincture remains there the more gets into the blood stream.

Dose compared to CBD

If you are looking for a CBD alternative and are used to taking CBD for your anxiety and depression, CBDA is a great choice. Because it is so much better absorbed, a moderate dose of CBDA (25mg to 50mg) can have the same blood levels at CBD at 250mg or even more.

Many people have take CBDA twice a day, once in their morning routine, and then again an hour or two before bed. This maximizes the effect since your body is constantly metabolizing any compounds in the blood.

See our CBDA dosage guide for more information.


Other plant based therapeutics

Herb based medicines are widely used for anxiety and panic attacks, and can have great effects if sourced properly and in the right amounts. Some common supplements for anxiety are listed below:

  • Lemon balm
  • Ashwagandha
  • Kava
  • chamomile
  • lavender
  • Magnesium glycinate (not a plant, but is beneficial for anxiety). This form has the best absorption.


Safety and side effects

Hemp tincture products have minimal side effects, but if you are interested, check out our article on CBDA side effects. They may include some things like drowsiness, dry mouth, and dizziness if taken in high doses.

If you are on multiple medications, we recommend talking with your health care provider before taking high doses of CBDA since some drugs can have interactions with CBDA. Hemp products are not recommended for people who are pregnant.


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