Hemp Gummies for Sleep and Anxiety

Hemp Gummies for Sleep and Anxiety

  • On 2022-12-20

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety

Hemp Gummies for Sleep and Anxiety

Going to bed and your brain wont shut off, cant stop thinking about what you need to do, or worrying everything that can go wrong.

Getting a good night’s sleep should not be difficult, but its one of the most reported health problems in the US. And anxiety is often a cause of poor sleep!

Hemp plant products may be the answer, but what do you actually know about how they work and what to look for?

What to know

  • CBDA is next revolution in hemp based medicine for sleep and anxiety
  • Improved benefits through enhanced absorption
  • Restore your endocannabinoid system for better sleep and mood



The best hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety

Your looking to calm the mind and find restorative sleep, and you see CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety at the store or online. Many people have found benefits from the cannabis plant, and there are a lot of studies showing that cannabinoids can help, but what is the best?

The next evolution in Hemp Plant science, CBDA (cannabidiolic acid). The natural form from which all CBD is derived from.

Why is this the superior choice? Jump to the Science of CBDA

Natural Dos scientists have unlocked the power of CBDA with our new purification technology.

  • Greater absorption, over 500% better than CBD
  • Enhanced mood effects for anxiety and calm
  • Anti inflammatory properties without the side effects
  • Promote restful sleep through healthy endocannabinoid system
  • Produced in house by Natural Dos
  • 100 day money back guarantee

Tropical Vegan Natural Spectrum CBDA Gummies

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety CBDANaturally flavored vegan gummies with full spectrum CBDA oil provides substantial relief with 30mg of CBDA in each gummy. Comes in Wild Cherry, Sour Strawberry, and Pineapple.

Ingredients: Organic tapioca syrup, cane sugar, pectin, citric acid, Natural Spectrum CBDA, natural flavors, natural colors, sodium citrate, coconut oil

We also created a CBDA plus delta 8 gummy version for those who need extra relaxation!

Pro tip: many of our users report improved sleep with the CBDA plus delta 8 gummy, starting with half a gummy!

Why CBDA hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety?

Hemp extract contains over 100 different acidic cannabinoids before processing and purification. During conventional purification processes, almost all manufacturers use heat as part to create their final CBD oils. Because of the heat, you lose the acidic cannabinoids like CBDA, which is converted to CBD.

CBDA, and other acidic cannabinoids that are naturally found in hemp plants have enhanced beneficial properties beyond CBD.

The science is now catching up the potential of the natural ingredients of hemp plants.

Superior absorption of CBDA

Absorption is everything!

If a compound is not absorbed well, it cant provide much benefit. Many clinical studies on CBD show substantial benefits for helping sleep and anxiety, but if you look at how much CBD was taken, its often VERY HIGH.

Many CBD clinical studies end up using HUNDREDs of mg per day to achieve therapeutic results. Epileptic patients often take 1000mg to 2000mg of CBD per day to control siezures.

CBDA has an absorption between 450% to over 1000% better than CBD! This means a 20mg dose of CBDA is equal to 100mg of CBD. See our CBDA dosage guide to find out more.

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety the axis

CBDA, anxiety and sleep

The acidic cannabinoid class of compounds are now receiving significant interest from the research community for their various actions on the endocannabinoid system. There are many different cellular targets in the endocannabinoid system, and one of them is the 5HT1A serotonin receptor. This is an important for how CBDA and sleep work together.

Serotonin receptors gained prominence in the psychopharmacology field where they are used to help treat depression and anxiety. This led to many therapeutic developments, and many are familiar with the SSRI (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor) class of drugs that act on these receptors.

Recently, CBDA was found to be direct activator of the serotonin receptor 5HT1A. These studies were looking at how CBDA interacts with 5HT1A, and how it can help regulate and improve mood, anxiety, and nausea.

Elevate anxiety is known to cause significant problems with sleep, and it is hard to address one without the other. Many of our customers report improved sleep benefits, especially using the CBDA with delta 8 for falling asleep and staying asleep.

See our article on all the benefits of CBDA oil.


What to look for in good CBDA and CBD companies

There are many great companies out there selling hemp cannabinoid products like CBD gummies. However, there are very few companies that sell CBDA, and Natural Dos is the only company that specializes in the acidic cannabinoids.

Great companies will produce their own hemp oil, but most companies in the space pay another manufacturer to produce their own CBDA or CBD oils.

All good companies will have a certificate of analysis (CoA) for their final product that lists the test results from a third party testing laboratory. The CoA should include the following:

  • Potency – is the amount of cannabinoids in the product what is listed on the label
  • Pesticides – there should be none of the chemicals in the product
  • Heavy metals – you do not want these in your CBD gummies
  • Solvents – sometimes these can be left over from processing, with the exception of small amounts of ethanol (which is harmless at these doses), there shouldn’t be any in the product
  • Microbials – this tests for the presence of pathogenic bacteria and mold

See our article on how to understand the CoA if you need further guidance.

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety CBDA

If you are specifically interested in CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety, Read On…


How to pick the best CBD gummies for sleep

To get the maximum benefit from your CBD sleep gummies, you will want to a product with at least a 50mg dose. A prior CBD study did show improvement in sleep in some patients who were taking up to 75mg a day.

See our list below to assess how to choose CBD gummies for sleep:

  1. Make sure that the CBD gummies are CBD infused gummies, since many companies use spray on CBD oils which do not give a consistent dose.
  2. To help boost the effects of CBD sleep gummies, you may want to look at what additional compounds are added to the gummies. See our ingredients to look for list towards the end.
  3. The benefits of CBD gummies are enhanced if a full spectrum CBD oil is used. Broad spectrum CBD gummies are also good if you do not want trace amounts of THC in the product.
  4. CBD isolate is not recommended.
  5. Organic ingredients are great, but also note that pesticides are not allowed to be used for growing hemp. A lot hemp derived CBD products may be derived from organic hemp, but the farmer cant afford an organic certification.
  6. For CBD gummies, a dose of around 50mg is ideal.
  7. The CBD gummies for sleep come with a CoA that verifies the purity and potency.

The THC hack in sleep CBD gummies

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety the what to look forAn interesting note for those looking for high impact sleep CBD gummies. A lot of people who shop for sleep help at high end CBD stores have found that the top CBD gummies that work well for sleep contain low amounts of either delta 8 or delta 9 THC. These typically are in the 3mg to 10mg range at most.

Higher amounts of THC can actually inhibit good sleep cycles and lead to less quality sleep. Low amounts of THC can have sedative effects when properly mixed with other cannabinoids like CBDA or CBD.

The proper mixture of CBD and THC for CBD products

Look for CBD edibles that have CBD in around 30mg to 50mg with low delta 8 or delta 9 THC in the 3mg to 10mg range. If you are new to the CBD gummy space, we do not recommend a THC above 5mg.

Is THC legal?

While some states have medical legalization only, and some have recreational marijuana as well, it is still federally illegal to sell marijuana.

When is THC legal to sell?

  • Delta 9 THC is legal if it is derived from hemp, and is under0.3% by weight.
  • Delta 8 is federally legal, but some states have outlawed it.
  • Other forms of THC, such as delta 10 THC and HHC, are still federally legal if derived from hemp.


What to know about CBD

Cannbidiol (CBD) is the most produced cannabinoids in the hemp plant, and is now widely used by many consumers for alternative medicine. Most of the effects of CBD come from its interaction with the endocannabinoid receptor, CB2, although other targets have been discovered as well.

Full spectrum CBD oil is created from hemp extract that has been purified, typically in a short path distillation process. This converts the natural CBDA to CBD due to the high heat. This can also destroy the natural terpenes, which is why a lot of companies put terpenes back into their product at the end.


Where to buy the best CBD gummies for sleep and anxiety

Many local CBD shops will sell CBD gummies for sleep, and also have a variety of CBD products that contain various amounts of THC. If you have a good store, they will source high quality products and can help direct you to the best CBD gummies for sleep.

There are good online stores where you can purchase CBD gummies. We recommend full spectrum CBD gummies, and always look for a CoA of the product. Typically, the CoA should test for these 5 main components we listed in the prior section.


Health benefits and side effects of CBD gummies

A lot of pre clinical and clinical studies have been performed on CBD extract, and found that at higher doses they can have positive beneficial effects.

Some of the main benefits of CBD products:

  • Improved sleep
  • Help with anxiety and stress
  • Boost endocannabinoid health
  • Mood improvement
  • Nausea
  • Joint discomfort

Typically, there are minimal side effects at low and moderate doses (under 100mg).

Some of side that have been reported are:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Liver toxicity (unusual, and only at higher amounts around 1000mg)
  • Low blood pressure (usually at higher doses)

It should be noted that there can be drug-drug interactions that lead to the liver toxicity in patients taking higher doses and are on multiple medications. Please speak with your health care provider if you are on medication or have a history of liver complications.

Hemp gummies for sleep and anxiety CBDA benefits

Ingredients to look for in CBD gummies for sleep (or to avoid)

Finding good CBD gummies for sleep will often entail extra ingredients to boost a specific therapeutic benefits. We have listed some of common additional supplements you may see in some of the CBD gummies for sleep:

Cannabinol (CBN) (may with sleep): A common additional cannabinoid for helping with sleep, CBN is a side product of THC when exposed to heat. This compound was identified by the cannabis community as inducing sleepiness in many people.

Cannabigerol (CBG) (dose not help with sleep): This cannabinoid is the precursor to all cannabinoids in the hemp plant. It has been touted to have antibacterial properties, but does not have any properties that would help sleep. In fact, many users report better focus when taking this cannabinoid.

Melatonin (maybe helps with sleep): Melatonin is a h0rmone the body produces that is part of the initial sleep cycle. This is one of the most common over the counter sleep aids, but major clinical trials andmeta analysisof all trials shows minimal improvement in patients with sleep disturbances.

L-theanine (probably helps with anxiety and sleep): This amino acid is well studied for its ability to provide a calming effect. It has been studied for both sleep and anxiety, and shows promise from multiple trials.

Ashwagandha (not enough studies): This shrub plant is used for the properties found in the root, and is associated with lowering stress and potentially improved sleep. Some studies show improved outcomes for sleep, but more research is needed. A major problem with this plant medicine is difficulty in finding high quality plant extract, you never know what you are getting.

Chamomile (may help with sleep): An herbal flower that is usually taken as a tea before bed has been widely used to improve sleep. However, most of the results that people report are when taken as a tea, which may have its own calming effect outside of a direct extract.

Valerian root (may help with sleep): A widely used plant medicine native to Europe and Asia, valerian root may provide some benefits for insomnia, anxiety and depression. Clinical trials are inconclusive, and be a result from widely varying quality of the plant extract.

Magnesium (may help with sleep): Magnesium deficiency is a common problem in many people due to poorer soil content, and has recently been associated with sleep insufficiency. While some studies show sleep improvement with magnesium supplementation, there has not been a well powered blinded clinical study that would be needed for conclusive results. Note, if taking magnesium do not use magnesium oxide, as it has the lowest absorption of all forms, we recommend the magnesium glycinate or citrate forms.


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