how long does cbda stay in your system

how long does cbda stay in your system

  • On 2023-01-12

How long does cbda stay in your system

How Long Does CBDA Stay in Your System

CBDA and CBD stay in your system for 2-10 days depending on a number of factors.

While most drug tests assess for THC, if specifically looking for CBD, they can be seen up to a week after taking CBD oil. But it really depends on how much CBD oil was taken and how often.

CBDA and its metabolites are not well integrated into drug tests, so these may not show up for commonly screened cannabinoids like THC metabolites.

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What affects how long CBDA stays in your system?

The cannabis plant contains over 100 different cannabinoids, and what they all have in common are fat soluble properties. This makes the how the body processes CBD or CBDA depend partially on your biochemistry.

The faster your metabolism the quicker CBDA and CBD are removed from storage and excreted.

Let’s look at some of the main variables that determine how long CBD and CBDA stay in your system:

How much you use CBDA

If you consume CBDA or CBD in high amounts, it takes longer to get out of the system. The half life of a compound is the time it takes your body to remove half the compound from the system.

Taking a single 200mg CBDA dose would take more half lifes to be removed from the system than a 50mg dose. This pharmacokinetic study on the half life of CBDA found that it was around 40-50 minutes, compared to CBD which ranged from 30-55 minutes.

As an example of how much CBDA may be cleared from the system after a single dose:

How long does cbda stay in your system

How long you use CBDA

If you are a daily user of CBDA, or CBD oil, it will stay in your system longer since it builds up in the tissues.

A person who takes a 50mg dose of CBDA only once, will have it cleared out within a day or two. However, if a person takes a 50mg CBDA dose every day for a month, it could take a couple weeks for the CBDA to be cleared out below detection.

Your body

your body mass index can determine how long CBD or CBDA remains in your system since cannabinoids are fat soluble. The body’s fat cells are critical to normal function, and they can also store cannabinoids over time, which means they can also release them when fat is burned.

Regular consumption of CBDA oil will lead to an accumulation within fat cells, which can be detected weeks after stopping.

Food intake and what kinds

Consuming CBDA on a full or empty stomach may alter the amount and clearance of CBDA and other cannabinoids.

This human study found that the total cannabinoid concentration increased when people ate first, and specifically, foods that were high in fat.

How you take your CBDA

There are many different ways that CBDA or CBD can be taken, and this can affect how long they stay in your system.

The main three ways that determine how fast and how long CBDA will be in your system:

  • Vaping and smoking – this results in the fastest clearance since it gets into your system the fastest.
  • CBDA Tinctures and CBDA gummies – oral consumption method is the middle ground, it has moderate uptake, and can take hours to days for it to be cleared if used in a single dose.
  • CBDA Creams and lotions – creams and lotions are the slowest to be taken up and metabolized, but it does mean they last the longest for those specific health benefits.

How long does cbda stay in your system

How long does it take for CBDA to kick in?

Hemp derived CBDA products are typically absorbed fairly quickly, and depend on the route of administration. The maximum blood concentration for CBDA is usually within 30 minutes if consumed orally.

What about vaping CBDA, isn’t that the fastest route? When CBDA get heated in a vape or flower, it gets converted to CBD, so you are actually consuming CBD and not CBDA.

The fastest way for CBDA to get into your system is through the sublingual consumption method, where drops of CBDA tincture are placed under the tongue. Since this area of the mouth has blood vessels close to the surface, the uptake is especially efficient.


How long do the effects last?

The effects of hemp derived CBDA products will depend on a couple of factors:

How you consume CBDA

  1. CBDA tincture – If you use CBDA tinctures, and drop under the tongue, the effects are fairly quick, within 10-20 minutes. They will also last a couple hours since CBDA has such high absorption, 450-1000% more than CBD.
  2. CBDA gummy – CBDA gummies will last a couple hours, similar to the tinctures, but may take a little longer to be absorbed. However, they still have the amazing enhanced absorption benefits that all acidic cannabinoid user enjoy.
  3. CBDA creams – Any cannabinoid cream will have a delayed effect systemically because it takes longer for the CBDA to reach the blood stream. But does that mean it takes a while at the local site? No, effects there can occur within the hour.

How much CBDA you take

As noted previously, if you take more CBDA, the effects should last longer since the half life number goes up. This just means it takes longer to clear out of your system, and thus the effect lasts longer.

How often you take

Are you taking CBDA multiple times a day, once a day, once a week? Depending on what effect you are looking for, different time points may be necessary for effects to take place and be noticed.

Individual metabolism

Everyone has a different biochemistry, some have a faster metabolism than others, and will influence the rate of CBDA clearance. CBDA is metabolized and cleared by liver enzymes, and studies often report large variability between individual consumers.

What effect you are looking for determines how long it will last

Some people may be looking for anxiety relief, calming effect, while others may need help with joint pain and inflammation. Depending on the effects, you are looking for, it may take more or less time to reach them.

For example, for help with sleeping, you may see results after just one dose.

Whereas with joint pain and inflammation, you may need to try a week or two before noticing a difference since these physiological changes take more time.

How long does cbda stay in your system

Will CBDA show up on drug tests screen?

CBDA will not usually show up on a drug screen for two reasons. First, it is not illegal to use CBDA and thus is not typically targeted on most drug tests. Second, CBDA is relatively new to the market due to the technical hurdles of isolation, and so many tests are not currently designed to test for this cannabinoid.

It should be noted that if you take full spectrum CBDA, there may be some THC in the oil that could be picked up by a drug test. While not enough to get you high, taking full spectrum CBDA daily may be enough to be detected.


Finding the best CBDA products

Hemp derived CBDA products can come in many forms, such as:

  • Full spectrum CBDA – contains all the acidic cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. See Natural Spectrum CBDA oil.
  • Broad spectrum CBDA – this is similar to full spectrum CBDA, but does not contain THCA or THC.
  • CBDA isolate – this is a pure form of CBDA only, and does not contain any other cannabinoids.

So what is right for me?

For the best results we recommend full spectrum CBDA, as recent studies indicate that having the full spectrum of all the cannabinoids enhances the absorption of CBDA by over 500% compared to CBDA isolate!

We may be biased, but…

Natural Dos makes the highest quality Natural Spectrum CBDA products that contain all the acidic cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Our CBDA is produced in house, and is third party tested for accuracy and purity before every being sold.

Check out our testing results that show only the highest quality CBDA products. We test for:

  • Cannabinoid potency
  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Solvents
  • Microbials

If you are looking for CBDA Tinctures, CBDA Gummies, or CBDA breath mints we have you covered.


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