cbda for weight loss

cbda for weight loss

  • On 2023-01-24

CBDA for weight loss

CBDA for Weight Loss – How the Cannabis Plant may help your Metabolism

We all want to feel great and look good, and finding a healthy weight loss routine that works for you is critical. Excess body weight can cause chronic pain and puts undo stress on the human body.

If you are looking for the right addition to your weight management routine to help you lose weight, CBDA may be right bonus to get you over hurdle.

New research has unlocked the power of the natural cannabinoid CBDA, and for the first time, can give your endocannabinoid system the boost it needs to help you lose weight.

Article Highlights

  • CBDA absorption is 450-1000% better than CBD
  • Boosting the endocannabinoid system has significant affects on your metabolism and appetite
  • With few side effects, the new class of acidic cannabinoids like CBDA are revolutionizing the health benefits of the hemp plant

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What is CBDA oil?

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is the natural form and precursor of CBD found in the hemp plant. In fact, all cannabinoids created within the hemp flower are in the acidic form. For example, THC is actually found as THCA, and CBGA is the natural compound of CBG.

We have not seen CBDA in the market because of the difficulty in purifying them without converting to CBD. Scientists at Natural Dos developed a new technology that could purify only CBDA and other acidic cannabinoids without destroying their form, unlocking the full potential of hemp based medicines.

CBDA and weight loss


Does CBDA help with weight loss?

Scientists have known for a while that cannabinoids could help you lose weight.

In fact, people who routinely consume cannabis plant products were found to have improved metabolic test scores, such as insulin levels and sensitivity, compared to those that did not.

Can CBD oil help with weight loss?

There are many studies showing how CBD may benefit people looking for help with weight loss. This study showed that CBD oils could act as an appetite suppressant, but only at doses of around 300mg per day in a 150lb person. The mechanisms for how food intake was decreased is still under investigation, but most likely works through the cannabinoid receptor.

Other studies have shown that CBD oil could enhance metabolism of mitochondria and convert inflammatory white fat cells to anti inflammatory brown fat cells. In fact, the CBD oil was able to increase fat oxidation in cells with excess fat accumulation.

The catch? The concentration of CBD used was so high (around 3ug/mL), you would have to take 1000s mg of CBD per day to get that amount in circulation.

If you need a huge amount of CBD to get an affect, wouldn’t that be the same for CBDA?


It turns out CBDA absorption is 450-1000% better than CBD.

What does that mean for CBDA dosing? If you take a 50mg dose of CBDA, it would be roughly equal to at least 250mg of CBD and probably more. Thanks to the unique molecular and cellular biochemistry of CBDA, the dosage can be much lower and affordable to get the amazing benefits of CBDA.

Does CBDA affect weight loss differently than CBD?

How much CBD and CBDA overlap still requires more research, but we know they both interact with similar endocannabinoid receptors. However, CBDA does appear to have distinct mechanisms as well.

Recent studies show that a CBDA mimetic is able to decrease weight in a high fat diet model of obesity and weight gain, but also:

  1. Decrease fat mass and fat cells
  2. Improved glucose tolerance
  3. Lower insulin
  4. Decrease fatty liver
  5. Lower triglycerides
  6. Improved liver enzymes

There may be many mechanisms by which CBDA exerts its health benefits, but one of them to recently come out is the PPAR regulated pathways. Regular dosing of CBDA may be able to modulate the peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPAR-gamma), which is one of the master regulators of cellular metabolism.

This class of receptors are closely tied to cardiovascular health, and have been found to be associated with weight loss. Any compound that can boost metabolism through affecting metabolic regulators may help you lose weight.

CBDA weight loss and metabolism


Does CBDA Oil Make You Hungry?

Short answer is no. This is not something that is commonly reported by users, and preclinical studies show that CBDA and CBD are more likely to act as an appetite suppressant.

People may be familiar with the common idea that the cannabis plant can cause the “munchies”, and this is due to the presence of THC. In fact, in patients who have trouble eating, such as anorexia and during chemotherapy, legal marijuana is often prescribed.

CBDA and CBD oils do not contain significant amounts of THC to have any effects. Both CBDA and CBD do not have psychoactive effects, so the “munchies” is not something you have to worry about.


Best CBDA for your weight loss journey

Due to the difficulty in purifying acidic cannabinoids like CBDA, there is still not much on the market right now. However, as more consumers become aware of the health benefits of CBDA, we expect the marketplace to grow.

We may be biased but…

Why Natural Dos?

Scientists at Natural Dos developed a new technology to isolate high purity acidic cannabinoids, and created the first Natural Spectrum CBDA oil that contains all the acidic cannabinoids found in the hemp plant.

Natural Dos produces high quality CBDA products, and all of our products are certified third party lab tested. Check out our certificate of analysis (CoA) page for results.

How much CBDA do I need to take?

If you are looking for help to promote weight loss, finding the right daily dose is critical.

We always recommend to start out low and work your way up, since that is the best way to determine the safety and side effects of any new supplement.

  1. Start at 20-25mg twice a day for a week
  2. Depending on how you feel, you can move up to 50mg twice a day
  3. Many of our customers take 100mg per day for best results
  4. Track and monitor any body weight loss or changes in body weight as you incorporate CBDA into your daily routine

What CBDA oil product should i choose?

The best product or routine is the one that you can do consistently.

There are a number of different CBDA products on the market:

  • CBDA tinctures – CBDA oil is mixed with MCT oil and natural flavors, should be applied under the tongue for at least 1 minute for maximum effects.
  • CBDA gummies – these are tasty ways to get the benefits of CBDA, and the Natural Dos Vegan Tropical CBDA gummies only have 15 calories per serving.
  • CBDA breath mints – looking to relax with great breath, try All Natural CBDA Breath Mints, with only 11 calories per serving.
  • CBDA capsules – these are an easy way to consume CBDA oil for weight loss, and often come in higher amounts than other forms.
  • CBDA vapes – vaping is popular for its immediate effects, but CBDA rapidly degrades to CBD when heated in a vape, so you will not get any of the CBDA benefits if vaping or smoking.

Types of CBDA oil

Cannabis plant and hemp plant extracts are often sold in a couple varieties that depend on how the cannabinoids were purified.

  • If you are familiar with full spectrum CBD oils, then you know full spectrum CBDA oil is similar in that it contains all the acidic cannabinoids found in the hemp flower. This has the benefit of promoting the synergistic effects of combining all the other cannabinoids.
  • Broad spectrum CBD oils are the same as broad spectrum CBDA oils, containing all the cannabinoids except THC or THCA.
  • CBD isolate and CBDA isolate are also similar in that they are just the purified cannabinoid without any of the other minor cannabinoids from the hemp flower.

Most cannabinoid pros will recommend full spectrum CBD or CBDA products since that seems to be what provides the most health benefits.


How long does it take for CBDA to kick in?

Cannabinoids like CBDA or CBD oils get absorbed within an hour of consuming. Typically, they can be present in the blood for a couple hours after ingestion, and can be detected for days after taking CBDA or CBD. However, it is the amount in the system that determines how much of an effect they will have.

Taking a higher amount of CBDA will increase the effect, and taking it multiple times a day will maintain the length of the effect. This is why many consumers will take some in the morning, and then again in the afternoon or evening.

CBDA daily routine


Other ways to lose weight

Finding a routine that you can do consistently is the most critical component to weight loss journey success.

Adding a weight loss supplement like CBDA may help, but it is important that it is only part of your overall daily routine.

Weight management is one of the most studied areas in science, and long term lifestyle changes for losing weight always revolve around 2 activities:

  1. Healthy diet: this is 80% of weight loss. Eating healthy foods, such as meats, eggs, fruits and vegetables is important, and making sure it is done in moderation is critical. Tracking your calorie intake for 1 week will give you an idea of how much you take in, and what foods are high in calories.
  2. Exercise: we are all familiar with this, but what most people dont tell you is that exercise can also increases your appetite, and you can never “out exercise” your diet. Your total energy expenditure is how much many calories your body naturally burns in 24 hours, and this is increased with more lean muscle mass. If you reduce food intake enough to consume less calories than you daily energy expenditure, weight loss occurs.
  3. Good sleep: not often talked about, but poor sleep can lead to weight gain, and negatively affects your metabolism. This may be an under-appreciated effect of the hemp plant and its beneficial effects on sleep quality.


Does CBDA show up on a drug test?


CBDA is not classified in the controlled substances act, just THC. However, it should be noted that full spectrum CBD oils and full spectrum CBDA oils may have trace amounts of THC in them, which could show up on a test if the product is consumed daily.

Be sure to check the CoA of any CBDA product you purchase for the presence of THC.


Potential side effects

Side effects from hemp derived CBD products or CBDA products tend to be minimal. As of right now, there is not known to be cases of overdose, but some users taking higher amounts of CBD or CBDA have reported:

  • Light headedness
  • Drowsiness
  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Upset stomach

If you are on multiple medications or have a history of liver complications, speak with your healthcare provider before trying CBDA products.


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