These articles discuss the basics of CBDA oil, other acidic cannabinoids, and what you may want to know about cannabinoids in the hemp plant. Since CBDA is relatively new, what is CBDA is a common question we get.

CBDA (cannabidiolic acid) is the most abundant cannabinoid in the hemp plant. CBDA is termed an “acidic cannabinoid”, which are the original cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, a subspecies of cannabis sativa. All cannabinoids currently on the market are derived from their acidic form, for example CBD comes from CBDA after exposure to heat during processing. Thus, you don’t actually find CBD in any real amount in the hemp flower itself, its mostly CBDA.

Recent research has discovered many new and potent benefits of CBDA oil, such as superior absorption and roles in inflammation and mental wellness.

thca vs cbda

THCA vs CBDA what to know

THCA vs CBDA – New Technology Unlocks Natural Cannabinoids Acidic cannabinoids are gaining attention in the medical cannabis space for their unique therapeutic benefits, and one specific property: superior absorption! The acidic forms, such as THCA and CBDA, have between 500-1000% better absorption! What does this mean? Article Highlights CBDA has potent health benefits and…

cbda flower

CBDA Flower

CBDA Flower – The Unsung Cannabinoids We used to think that you need to convert CBDA to CBD to get the “active” form, but new research is showing this is not true. Studies are finding many benefits of keeping the acidic cannabinoids, and opening up new avenues for potential benefits. Did you know that all…

Raw CBDA oil benefits

Raw CBDA Oil

Raw CBDA Oil What are raw CBDA oil products? Are CBDA oil products better than CBD oil products? Am I missing out on a better hemp plant product that does not have CBDA? Yes! New Research into the benefits and bioavailability of CBDA oil finds that you need it to get the maximum results from…

cbda oil

CBDA Oil – What does it do

CBDA Oil – What should I know? Hear about CBDA products but not sure why you should care? What is the difference between CBDA oil and the other cannabinoids like CBD? Has CBD worked for a friend, but doesn’t really do anything for you? You’ve come to the right place! The scientists at Natural Dos…

hemp flower extract

Hemp Flower Extract

Hemp Flower Extract Are you looking for the best way to get top notch extracts from your hemp flower? Maybe you are wondering what is in hemp flower extract and the different oils it produces. Find the processes, products and identify the pitfalls with help from the experts.   Highlights Hemp flowers can be extracted…

cbda side effects

CBDA Side Effects

CBDA Side Effects CBD is the most common hemp oil cannabinoid found in most hemp products, and is recognized to have minimal side effects. CBDA (cannabidiolic acid), the mother compound of CBD, is more rare, and appears to have some similarities to CBD and some very unique properties. How does CBDA stack up with CBD…

what is decarboxylation

What Is Decarboxylation

What is Decarboxylation Do you need to decarboxylate cannabis flower for the cannabinoids to be active? What is the carboxyl group on THCA and CBDA? What temperatures and times are required to decarb cannabis flower? Is the decarboxylation process necessary for all cannabinoids? If you are asking these questions, you came to the right place…

benefits of cbda

Benefits of CBDA Oil

Benefits of CBDA Oil Have you heard of CBDA oil but not sure what it is? Maybe your friend uses CBD products, but they have not done much for you. CBDA benefits from its superior absorption, anti inflammatory properties, and ability to dial down your stress. For the first time, Natural Dos proprietary purification technology…